Extending Sitecore Approval Workflow

Why customize the default Sitecore workflow?

Sitecore is by default shipped with Simple Workflow covering simple draft – approval – publish scenario.

In this scenario, publish state of the workflow is set as final. This fact causes that when the content author needs to edit item fields, a new version of the item is created automatically, and changed content is subject to the approval process.

Some customers may need to extend this workflow by an additional state to control the moment when the item is published (and they don’t want to use time-based publishing) by adding the additional step between approval and published states.

The resulting workflow then looks like

draft – approving – approved – publish

with publish state as the only with final flag.

Everything looks fine, but…

… there is one unpleasant side effect. It allows content editors to change values of items in approved state without enforcing of creation of the new version.

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Helix Compatible Insert Options

Insert options, and their proper configuration is the crucial part of the solution development. It is the only way how to provide a way to the content editors to create new content.

Unfortunately, regardless that Helix is the current buzzword, still, there are some areas, where Sitecore does not provide out-of-the-box support for the stricter following of Helix principles.

One of them are Insert options configuration.

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