About the authors

Gianluca Turturro

I greet all the visitors of Sitecore Blog!

Let me introduce myself – My name is Gianluca Turturro and I am the founder of this blog.

Currently, I work as Lead Solutions Architect in the company Actum. The job of the solutions architect is a great challenge for me, since it includes the whole process – from the first contact with the client’s needs, to the design of the systems and processes to the overseeing of their correct implementation.

In my practice I came across various systems, but Sitecore has been the one to which I chose to dedicate the most. In the years I have worked with Sitecore and built solutions around it, I gathered knowledge and experience that I would like to share with everyone this way.

In 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015 I was awarded with the  Sitecore Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Technology. Only a fraction of all Sitecore certified developers get the honor to be awarded Sitecore MVP.

Sitecore MVP 2018 Sitecore-MVP-2017 Sitecore-MVP-2016 Sitecore MVP 2015

I hope that the information on this blog will be of good use to you.

I wish you good reading!

P.S. I am also on Linkedin

Michal Popelář

Michal has been in the business for more than 16 years. Throughout the years, he has helped numerous clients grasp, identify and solve their problems. He defines a true strategy as one that pays off and makes sense – leads to concrete targets and improves business results.

In 2017 and 2016 Michal was awarded with the  Sitecore Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Digital Strategy. Only a fraction of all Sitecore professionals get the honor to be awarded Sitecore MVP.

Sitecore MVP DIgital Strategist 2017 Sitecore MVP DIgital Strategist 2016

Tomáš Knaifl

Tomas is developer and consultant with approx. 17 years of experience with Microsoft based technologies. From legacy ASP to modern .NET core with focus on large and scalable enterprise solutions.
For last 4 years he has worked as developer and architect of Sitecore based solutions for  customers across European continent.

Petr Živný

Petr has been working with Sitecore Experience Platform over 4 years.  Since then he guided customers from all corners of Europe trough Sitecore marketing disciplines. He’s passionate with personalization and marketing automation and loves to challenge developers to leverage Sitecore marketing features. His goal is always to build solution that customers will love it.

Tomáš Kriška

Tomas is a passionate Software Engineer with focus on .NET platform who loves tackling challenging technical issues. During the last few years he had been working in the e-commerce business domain. He remains curious about challenges in other business domains as well and all he wants is code!