Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1 demo installation guide Part 0

In this series of posts I’m gonna walk you through installation of Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1 + Reference Storefront.

Part 0 – Preparation

System is big and complex. It consists of several components that are connected to each other and its very easy to get lost and spend hours/days digging logs and getting back on track. Therefore rather spend few hours of preparation then few hours of frustration.

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Sitecore MVP 2016

It is with great pleasure that I can share, I have been recognized with the Sitecore Technology MVP 2016 award – the second time in a row!

Sitecore announced on its website the Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) for 2016. There are only 177 people worldwide to be named a Sitecore Technology MVP this year. There are more than 10,000 certified developers in Sitecore’s global network.

Now it its tenth year, Sitecore’s MVP program recognizes individual technology, digital strategy, and commerce advocates who share their Sitecore passion and expertise to offer positive customer experiences that drive business results.

It is possible to find more information about the MVP program directly on the official Sitecore website.

Publishing target replication

If you need to work with a publishing target that is placed remotely from your Sitecore CM instance, you have to consider how much will you publish and if publishing time is an issue. Publishing in Sitecore is in fact a granular operation that sends each item over the network separately – there is no “bulk” send as of now. This means that the publishing time increases with the increase of latency and decrease of network throughput. Let’s heave a look at how we can solve this. Continue reading Publishing target replication

Creating a Sitecore sandbox virtual environment

When I do research on Sitecore topics, I often want to try the findings on my own to understand exactly how Sitecore reacts. And there is no better way to doing so than on a Sitecore demo environment. Here I can try whatever is necessary without any worries and at the end of the day wipe out everything and return to a shiny-clean fresh new environment the next time round. So, without further redo, let’s get to the (virtual) machines!
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