Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1 demo installation guide Part 1

In this series of posts I’m gonna walk you through installation of Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1 + Reference Storefront.

Part 1 – installation

I recommend you to do not underestimate preparation -> Part 0 of this series

Sitecore installation

Easiest way to install sitecore is to use SIM tool. Whatever way you choose, use following parameters:

  • sitename: store
  • host names: store.local,
  • SQL Prefix: store
  • Pool Mode: integrated
  • Sitecore Version 8.2 rev. 170407-Update 3

After installation change identity of newly created application pool in IIS to our service account CSFndRuntimeUser BUT USE PREFIX:


Now map CSFndRuntimeUser in SQL Server to newly created databases as owner.
Check if instance is running as expected:
  • check C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts for 2 entries
  • check connection strings in sitecore for Trusted Connection enabled

Create self-signed certificate for hostname

  • use same name for certificate
  • it’s ok to store it into Personal store
  • add https binding to this site using newly created certificate

If you have no idea how to create self-signed certificate, it can be done via PowerShell:

save thumbprint you’ll use it in a minute

Before you move on, check if your instance of sitecore is running properly ->

Commerce Server installation

Unpack Sitecore.Commerce.8.2.1_U1_1.1.42 file and run installation as admin -> Commerce Server 11.4.148.exe
Apart from clicking next button make sure to use
  • Windows Authentication for DB connection
  • left Staging service unchecked but account still have to be entered so use your credentials of your admin: WIN-1BUHRDDGT1K\Administrator

In order to allow HTTP for customer and order manager (one of commerce server desktop app) open

and set

configuration/applicationSettings/CommerceServer.Core.UI.CustomerAndOrdersManager.Properties.Settings/setting with @name=AllowHttp value element to True

While commerce server is installed, its not usable at this moment. There is also known bug for further usage that can be resolved by Disabling IE Enhanced Security Configuration in Server Manager

So far so good.

Commerce Server Web Services preparation

Before deployment of web services itself we’ll create site in IIS where web services will reside.

So create folder CSServices using path: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\csservices

Create website in IIS using
  • site name: csservices
  • physical path: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\csservices
  • host name: CSServices
  • add binding to on port 1004 (without hostname)
  • add entry into C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts
    • -> CSServices
  • set CSServices identity to our service user WIN-1BUHRDDGT1K\CSFndRuntimeUser again USE full name with prefix

Now its time to prepare sitecore, deploy web services, connect it together

Installation of Sitecore Commerce Connect

This step will extend Sitecore for commerce capabilities.

Installation is performed using installation wizard (Sitecore > Desktop > Development Tools > Installation Wizard > Upload Package) nothing special.

Upload Sitecore Commerce Connect 10.1.11 with overwrite existing files option checked, and install package with patience. Don’t hesitate to overwrite any config files if asked.

Installation of Images

Using same installation Wizard Upload Package and install following packages:

  • Sitecore.Commerce.Habitat.Images-1.0.0
  • Adventure Works Images

Installation of other packages

Following packages have to be installed using UpdateInstallationWizard that can be accessed via this URL

One thing to note is that order is important. Install these packages:

  1. Sitecore Commerce Server Connect.10.1.22 (to connect sitecore with old Commerce Server)
  2. Sitecore Engine Connect 1.1.819 (to connect with new Commerce Engine)
  3. Sitecore Commerce Business Tools Shared.1.1.69 (base for commerce apps in sitecore)
  4. Sitecore Commerce Merchandising Manager.10.1.110 (SPEAK app to manage catalog and products)
  5. Sitecore Commerce Customer and Order Manager 1.1.76 (SPEAK app to manage customers and orders)
  6. Sitecore Commerce Pricing and Promotion Manager 1.1.65 (SPEAK app to manage guess what… yes prices and promotions!)

Great, so now you have almost everything installed (Commerce Engine is still missing) but nothing is working. Lets jump into configuration part 2.

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