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Sitecore project templates for Visual Studio (updated)

I guess that I am not only one, who was really annoyed during creation empty solution for Sitecore development project.

It is not so much complicated – but many steps to do.  Create solution, create web project, create TDS project, configure code generation, configure nuget packages, refer proper versions of nuget packages and many others, cook cup of cofee.

Visual Studio furtunately provides way how to automate that and create complete Sitecore solution by one click.

On github, you can find my repository https://github.com/Tragedie-v-JZD/Sitecore.Projects, containing  source files required to build own VSIX extension with Sitecore project templates (Visual Studio SDK must be installed).

And because building of VSIX is not so straightforward solution of problem from beginnig of post, I have also precompiled final VSIX  available for you.

UPDATE 15th December: Added support for creation of SC 9.0 initial release projects.

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