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What to do if the Sitecore analytics does not track

Sitecore comes with a sophisticated set of analytics tools that uses not only for tracking site visits, bust most importantly for personalization and other marketing functionality. But what to do if the analytics does not work? Where is the problem?

Sitecore analytics tracks everything immediately during the request and on page render. No javascript code or tracking pixel is used for that, therefore it might seem a hard problem to track any reason of  why the analytics suddenly stops to track.

The solution of the problem however might be fairly simple. Every Sitecore layout (i.e. ASPX) must contain the tag <sc:VisitorIdentification runat="server" /> . This tag allows Sitecore to recognize a human user from a robot (by generating a CSS script). If the tag is missing, the results in analytics might be either compromised or miss altogether.

2 thoughts on “What to do if the Sitecore analytics does not track”

  1. So is it a good idea to add this one to some master template in order to inherit it? Just thinking how to avoid relying on a human not to forget to add the line at many places (particularly if we look at larger development teams). Or any other idea how to centrally manage this?

    1. Hi Honza,
      Exactly – you would add this to the layout from which all pages are then generated.

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