How to restrict content editor to edit content only in specified languages?

Namely in multilingual solutions you may face request to limit content editors to edit just specified language variant of content.

In Sitecore, the way how to reach this objective is very quick and effective, but “by default” the way how to perform this restriction is hidden, and you need to do some additional steps.

For this operation, you need to use Security editor tool. By default, columns we can use for limit languages, are hidden.  So, in first step, we need to make these column visible:

  • click on Columns button in ribbon, and enable Language Write right to be shown, and to OK

Now, you can change rights to write to specified languages versions.

At first, in Roles and users selector select role you want to restrict (it is a best practice – every time assign rights to roles, and roles to users).

Afterwards, navigate to the /system/Languages item and change column Language write by following way:

And that’s all.

  • Why I disabled all languages (by removing right on /system/Languages)? Because if rights are configured only on existing languages (by disabling all languages except of nl-NL), and in future new language is added, user will gain access to write to this language.

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